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This course ensures that students from all undergraduate backgrounds have a core knowledge of the three major types of biological macromolecules: proteins, nucleic acids, and lipid membranes. The course is a survey of the structure and fundamental chemical and physical properties of these macromolecules and their assemblies. The goal is for students to understand how these molecular properties contribute to biological function and become familiar with some of the techniques used to study macromolecular structure and function.

This course is designed to bridge the gap between the content of typical undergraduate courses in molecular genetics and the current literature in the field. The course is a hybrid between a survey and a special-topics format. It is a survey course in the sense that all the major formal topics of nucleic acids research are touched upon, but within each topic there will be joint emphasis on both a description of the current state of the field and on illustrating the types of conceptual and experimental problems that dominate current research.